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"An Industrial tailor’s shop"

that meets the needs of high fashion
Our Company

Our story began forty years ago thanks to our father and husband Adriano. Unfortunately, after devoting many years and many efforts to the strengthening of his company, Adriano died prematurely in 1998.  Although this episode utterly affected us both personally and professionally, we decided to continue with the professional activity he had founded and tried to face the huge hardships we were going through while staying positive like he used to do. Soon, the production of our company changed along with our family and adapted to the market:

we put aside the standardized production of skirts, which was becoming less and less appealing, and started to use lightweight fabrics to produce dresses, shirts and trousers as well. As of today, we are a team of 25 people working very well together, each specializing in one of the stages of the production cycle. This way, we can combine the skills required in serial production with dressmaking skills. These skills make us extremely flexible and ready to meet the many different needs of our customers.

That’s why we like to call ourselves a real “Industrial Tailor’s Shop”.


“Quality” is our mantra. To us, quality is a real philosophy of life based on care, attention to detail, and passion – what makes us different from our competitors. We attentively work out every single stage of the process. Our goal? Beauty.

Thanks to our experience and to the close relationship between us and our skilled employees, we have reached high levels of competence and professionalism.